Qatari Party: Custom Bike Show

Qatari Party: Custom Bike Show

Today, we bring you some pictures shot by our international correspondent, Marisa.

It’s not very often lately that we’ve posted on the goings on of our outpost to the east, out in Doha, Qatar. This post won’t really get too much into that, either, but Marisa did head out to a custom bike show not too long ago, and she forwarded us some pictures to show to you all. Now, you’ll have to bear with us, as we didn’t send her with the same DSLR that your narrator has stateside, so iPhone photos will have to suffice for the time being. Even though the phone doesn’t bring out the quality too well, if there’s one thing we noticed in the pictures of this car show, it’s the level to which these owners will go in order to produce a bike that is truly their own. First, a quick shot of the outside; with weather being like it is in Doha, it’s no surprise that this many bikes showed up:


Color schemes are not merely around to serve as additional intimidation factor. Sometimes the colors just work really nicely together, such as this white-and-purple combo:


Some bikes tend to take their stylistic interpretations from some movers of the four-wheeled variety. This bike seems to have a very, very rat-rod-heavy influence.


Although there are some bikes that still maintain the “scare the piss out of you” aesthetic. This skull-laden paint job takes the cake in terms of paint jobs that are meant to instill nightmares. And is that a video screen on the front of the bike, facing forward?! Either way, the quality of this bike’s work is very high, and that’s reflected in the trophies the owner brought with.


Some bikes choose to stray from using fear as a marketing tool. This next bike takes one word and runs with it — gold. This would be a great addition for Goldmember, or maybe that Eastern European character from the DirecTV commercial who says, “Opulence, I has it.”


Not all bikes at the show were done up to the nines. Some of them had one or two very nice features, such as the paint work that went into this owner’s bike and helmet both.


This bike, with its thin exposed frame and two-tone styling, looks like it’s taking visual cues from a hipster’s fixie.


On the opposite end of the spectrum from the fixie, one bike took our notions of what a custom job was, and turned it upside down. Not only is this bike riddled in points and angles that would suggest it was made from a dragon, but it has the paint job to match, along with a seriously wide rear tire and plenty of other pieces to complete the illusion. Any medieval knights still stuck in the Arabian peninsula with vision problems might attempt to slay this bike by accident. But it’s okay, we don’t believe medieval lances can pierce a motorcycle’s bodywork. But then again, has anybody ever tried? Let’s bring back jousting with a 21st-century feel!


That’s it for this edition of Qatari Party! Catch up with us tomorrow for more of your regularly scheduled blogging.

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