Project X, Makin’ Some Noise

Project X, Makin’ Some Noise

We haven’t filmed Project X in quite some time. So…we changed that, and now it’s time to share it around.

The following video was put together last Friday after we’d finished a bit of maintenance work on Project X, the E53 X5 that’s garnered quite a bit of attention. We did a few rolling launches, followed by some fireball action, and we figured it’d be a fun little video to start the week with. Sorry about all the shaky video — it’s not the most comfortable road on the planet, and the constant freeze-thaw cycles this winter didn’t help that much.


This project started with a crashed E53 X5 that was left at our shop by its previous owner. After disappearing, we filed for a mechanic’s lien and we were eventually given the title. Once it became ours, then the fun began.


There is a large amount of custom work done to this car, as you might imagine. We started with a 1.5” lift kit, followed by a custom steel front bumper and roof rack. Both steel parts were created from straight pieces of pipe that we hand-bent and formed to this shape. The snorkel setup is made from aluminum, and is sealed all the way to the throttle body. Crack the sunroof, and you’ll hear one hell of an intake roar at speed.


We also fabricated a full custom exhaust that exits from the center of the rear bumper. Featuring a custom X-pipe and backpurged TIG welds, this smooth-flowing exhaust is the perfect cannon out which fireballs are shot, thanks to the WOT box we installed as well.

There’s a small bit of engine modifications, as well, including a Dinan intake manifold, Okada Projects ignition coils and a FMU custom ECu tune. Other aesthetic upgrades include E39 M5 front seats, a LCI front headlight conversion, Powerflex bushings, and Hawk brake pads. The wheels are Cragar D-windows, wrapped with Dick Cepek Crusher off-road tires.


If you’re interested in reading up on the full build, follow this link to our Projects section, which puts together every blog post on each of our projects, broken down by brand and then specific project: (we’ll blame WordPress for that lovely link formatting).


And if you have any questions about the build, feel free to e-mail us at! Have a great start to your week, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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  • Jesper
    Posted at 12:34h, 02 April

    That is truly awesome!

  • Morten
    Posted at 18:03h, 06 April

    You guys are geniuses, seriously! I am truly inspired by this amazing build, and I have a question; even though it has been over a year since you guys built this beauty, would it possible to remake some, maybe even all of the custom made parts you made? I do respect the originality of Dick Cook’s car, but I’m just too amazed by the possibility of making a car like that into such an amazing piece of machinery.. And hello from all the way up here in Greenland!

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 07:22h, 08 April

    Absolutely! Shoot an e-mail to and he’ll help you out! Thanks for following us!

  • Peter Chehadeh
    Posted at 23:26h, 02 July

    I want my 2006 X3 to look like that!

  • Ron Stephens
    Posted at 15:59h, 15 October

    Send me an email when you have a lift kit to buy!!! Sweet build

  • P.A.G.I.
    Posted at 16:13h, 04 February

    I have a question.
    I really like what you did with the X5, making it to such a monster. It gave me an idea to do something similar, I want to do at least 2” suspension lift, and I want to put KMC XD series 125 BEADLOCK wheels which are 17X9 in size, 5X120.7 bolt pattern (I know that X5 is 5X120 BP, but I think that they will fit) and 83.06 center bore (X5 is 72.6, so that won’t be a problem), and some TOYO OPEN COUNTRY A/T 2 275/65R17. So my question is: WILL THIS ALL FIT? I know that tires would clear upper fender edge, but I’m worried about the side edges. My concern is that the tires will rub the fenders. So I need to know the exact specifications and sizes of the wheels and tires that you used on Project X, and what is the offset of the wheels. XD series has one with 0 and 18mm offset. WHICH ONE SHOULD I USE? I did some calculations and I know that 18mm offset rim will fit fine, but I really like the look when the tire is sticking out of the side of the vehicle. I check the Cragar rims and they appear to be with 0mm offset, and 5X120.65 BP, so if they fit (with mounted tires) the XD series will too. And if possible can I use even a little more big tires, maybe 275/70 or even 285/70. The reason I’m asking all of this is because I plan to order everything online and do the mods myself. Please help and enlighten me.
    P.S. All of this is based on the front wheel, so that I won’t have trouble turning, the rear wheel has even more fender clearance and it won’t be any problems there.

  • Felix
    Posted at 20:03h, 12 January

    Gratis John héroe guys, i have a question, what sise aré the wheels And tires that you ate using on this x5?, I want to start doing something similar to my X’, thanks

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