Point A to Point B

Point A to Point B

Today, we’ll be looking at the progress we’ve made on a customer’s slightly secretive custom exhaust setup.

This is the same custom exhaust that we looked at towards the tail end of last week. When we took our last look, we’d mounted the FMU rear section that we’d be mating up to a single 3.5″ exhaust running to the end of the driveshaft or thereabouts. We constructed a Y-pipe that would simultaneously split the exhaust flow in two while necking down to 3″ piping (without constraining flow, since the available area actually increases). This time, we’ll be focusing on connecting Point A (the Y-pipe) to Point B (the ends of the rear section). The neck-down itself is a relatively mundane affair; just a single cone that will be mounted just forward of the driveshaft. We’ve already put together this neck-down and have finalized its position relative to the rear section.


From there, it’s a simple matter of creating the straightest pieces of pipe between the two points. The less movement and turning the exhaust requires, the more efficient the flow will be, removing any potential losses of power due to those constraints. After some quick work with the bandsaw and one small angle change midway through the pipe, we had our rough draft prepared and tacked in place before undergoing final fitment checks and the subsequent final welds.


With the first of the two pipes tacked together exactly how we need it, it’s now time to start welding. As always, we don’t do every single weld at once, as that may cause the stainless to move around during welding, which can affect fitment to the point where we’d need to trash the pipe and start over. Therefore, slow and steady wins the race. As always, we’re proud of our backpurged TIG welding and as a result, we’ve got a couple quick pictures to show off. Next time you see this setup, everything will be welded into place and we’ll be showing off the final results.


Finally, on an unrelated note, one of our customers will be going from Point A to Point B much quicker than before. They brought in this E92 335 for the installation of a Burger Tuning JB4 module, a plug-and-play instant tune from a company that has a great deal of experience with these motors. A quick installation and subsequent dyno run produced some serious gains — almost exactly 70 whp, to be exact — and hopefully the happy owner is out making the most of it at this very moment. If you’re a 335 owner interested in this easy modification, give us a call at 815-230-2900 and we can let you know what sort of pricing you’ll be looking at.


Have a wonderful remainder of your day and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for another edition of Throwback Thursday!

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