Number Two

Number Two

We mentioned it briefly yesterday, so let’s explain exactly why we have a second Gallardo right next to the Arancio Borealis one.


Just like the Arancio Borealis Gallardo, this black one will be receiving an exhaust. However, unlike his brighter brethren, this one won’t be receiving it just yet. At the moment, the owner of this Gallardo lent it to us for purposes of test-fitting our latest exhaust production prototype, which should be the style he’s looking for. It’s the one you’ve seen in our YouTube video — pretty tame at idle, but once you start applying load, it turns into a beast the likes of which you haven’t heard (unless, of course, you’ve watched the video). Here’s a couple fancy pictures of it below, underneath the Arancio Borealis Gallardo on the dyno, as well as next to the OEM unit for size comparison.


Without delay, we brought the black Gallardo into the shop and removed the OEM rear bumper and corresponding shielding pieces that surround the exhaust, followed by the original exhaust itself. With all that removed, we’ve been testing fitment of several pieces that we plan to produce for the Gallardo — two different styles of cat delete (off-road only!) and the FMU rear section. There’s been a lot of bolting and unbolting, but when you’re stuck staring at a beauty like this, time starts flying.


Once we get closer to the final, non-prototyped production release of the FMU Gallardo exhaust, we’ll post up more info. Until then, we’ll keep providing updates on the orange G’s custom straight-piping as they develop. Now, it’s on to a couple different matters. Over in the service department, we just finished up providing some swap assistance to a customer’s Mazda Miata. The original 1.6L four-pot was removed in favor of the 1.8L unit, and it was having some running issues. Quite a few hours of elbow grease later, it’s running much stronger and the owner has opted to pick ‘er up. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Miata or a Gallardo; if it’s an interesting car and you’re having problems tackling some gremlins, we’re equipped and ready to help!


Finally, since she managed to sit still for more than three seconds with a camera in front of her, we’ve got a rare picture of our shop pup matriarch, Jade, as she awaits a treat. For you dog fans out there, she’s a miniature Schnauzer. She’s also a big fan of whatever it is that you’re eating.


Have a great day and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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