Maserati GranTurismo Oil Change

Maserati GranTurismo Oil Change

If you haven’t been here for service before or if you are just interested in learning how to change the oil on your Maserati, this post is for you! We are going to use this beautiful GranTurismo S to talk about what’s included with our typical oil change and inspection.



When we do an oil change, we are doing much more than just changing the oil. We are checking the car over for both current issues as well as any issues you can expect to encounter in the near future. In order to really assess what is going on, we have to first take the vehicle on a short test drive. Any noises, vibrations, or improper functions are looked for during this test drive. If something is noticed, it will give us an idea of where to focus our attention while the oil is draining. For instance, if we heard a click over bumps from the front left of the car, we may check the sway bar links, control arms, etc.


The vehicle is then driven into an open bay where it can be racked and put into the air. This can sometimes be a daunting task in itself, especially on the exotic cars, as undertrays and shields can often get in the way or be damaged if care is not taken. With the car in the half way up position, the wheels, tires, and brakes are checked for wear and damage. Once complete, the car is lifted to the full height and the inspection begins.

The screws are loosened and under-tray beneath the engine is removed. The oil filter (located on the passenger side, midway down the engine block) is cracked loose until it can be spun by hand. It is on tight (30nm), so we use an oil filter wrench to get proper leverage. It only needs to be loosened, not removed, as it is still full of oil and we want to minimize spillage. With the filter loose, the drain plug is removed with a 10mm allen wrench and the oil is allowed to flow out into a proper receptacle.



With the oil draining, we look the underside of the car over. We first check all suspension components for signs of wear, play, damage, and leaks. Ball joints or bushings that move more than they should, have liquid seeping out, or look physically damaged are all noted on the inspection sheet.



We also look over the engine and transmission as well. We check fluids, hoses, belts, gaskets, and all related subsystems for any issues that could cause a problem further down the road. Any leaks, low fluid levels, or worn parts are noted. We know that being pre-emptive with automotive service is always the least expensive option, so we prioritize a list of recommended maintenance and repair items. We don’t want a small issue turning into a bigger issue later down the road, so we let you know about how long before you should act on a service we recommend.

Once all the oil is drained, the oil filter is removed the rest of the way and the last bit of fluid is allowed to drain out. Once completely drained out, the oil drain plug and filter sealing surfaces are wiped clean with a rag. The washer is replaced and the drain plug is tightened. The oil filter is then spun on by hand and carefully tightened to 30nm with a filter wrench. Extra care is taken not to crush the filter in any way.



The car is lowered back down and the oil is filled. The recommended oil capacity for a 4.7 Maserati GranTurismo S is right between 8 ½ to 9 quarts. We recommend starting with 8, starting the car, and then re-checking. Turn the car back off and check again. Add slowly, repeat until the desired amount is reached. With the oil level correct, the other fluids, brake, power steering, coolant and washer fluid are checked and topped off if needed. At this point we also check all interior systems for electrical and mechanical function. Finally, we make sure the service computer is set to read the proper remaining distance, one more check of the oil level after a quick test drive, and you’re all done.




If you’re looking for an affordable Oil-Change Kit for your Maserati, check out Formula Dynamics:


If you’re not the “Do it yourself” type, you can have your oil changed and vehicle inspected by the professionals at Fluid MotorUnion for less than the price of a DIY kit!

Email mmarzano@fluidmotorunion.com to set up an appointment!


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