M156 Valve Bucket Replacement

M156 Valve Bucket Replacement

If you own a Mercedes AMG equipped with the M156 6.3 motor, then odds are you have at least heard something about the defective valve buckets. These motors are overall very impressive, and when they are properly taken care of they can last for a long time. Today we are going over everything you need to know about M156 valve bucket replacement.

m156 valve bucket replacement

The M156 has always been known as a loud engine, especially during cold starts. This is due to the defective design of the valve lifters, more commonly known as valve buckets. The issue is bleed down. This happens when the engine is not running, and all the oil bleeds down from the lifters, creating an open space between the camshaft lobes and the valve buckets. When the engine is started there is no oil in between the components, and it causes greatly accelerated wear on the valve-train. It can even result in cracking or splitting of the valve buckets. It typically also wears down the camshaft lobes which results in poor engine performance.

The best remedy for this issue is a complete M156 valve bucket replacement. Here at Fluid Motor Union, we like to use the valve buckets from the SLS black series. They are completely coated in a friction resistant layer of material that prevents them from being worn down while the engine oil pressure comes back up after a cold start.

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