Loose Ends

Loose Ends

We’ve got a couple loose ends to tie up from last week, so let’s get into those before we see what else fabrication has been up to.

Remember the Lotus Elise we had in the paint booth at the end of last week? Well, after it came out of the booth and got cleaned up a bit, the owner wanted us to install a different front lip and rear diffuser. Naturally, the camera started snapping as soon as everything was bolted into place. Not only is the paint leagues better than it was before, but the car has some very aggressive track-specific aero on it that gives it quite the unique appearance. We aren’t able to speak to the efficacy of a diffuser of this size, as we don’t have a wind tunnel, but we bet it’ll hold that rear end down a bit more than before.


In the same post as the Elise, we featured an Infiniti G-class that had a serious dent on its hood and a slightly less serious dent on the front bumper. Well, with the new hood sourced and the front bumper fixed, a quick trip to the paint booth was all it took to get this car back into fighting shape. One wash later, and it’s ready to hit the road like nothing ever happened.


WIth the loose ends from the body/paint shop tied up, it’s time to move back over to fabrication, where we’ve been working on fitting the new fuel cell into the LS-swappe3d WRX’s recently de-floored trunk space. As always, it’s important to clean up the cuts before working on additional fabrication, which is exactly how we did it; after a good amount of grinding to get the edges smoothed out and prepped for work, we were able to put the basic frame of the fuel cell cage into the open space. With a few MIG tacks here and there, we had the layout more or less exactly where we want it.


Later on, once we decided that everything was straight and exactly where it needs to be, we went ahead adding more parts to the fuel cell’s cage, including the bottom supports. With work like this, precision is key, and we’re taking additional steps to make sure we only have to do something once. Needless to say, we feel we have one of the best fabrication teams in the country at Fluid MotorUnion, so we’re happy with the way everything is turning out, and we feel the owner’s mind will be blown away once the build is complete.


Finally, we did a last-minute post on Friday that we’d forgotten to include in our normal post, and we feel it warrants another look by anybody who follows regular BMW oil change intervals — what happens in the right conditions may surprise you. Click the link embedded in this sentence to read the whole article.


See you tomorrow!

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