Line Running

Line Running

Today is all about lines. And before you Scarface fanatics get too excited, no, we’re not talking about THAT kind of line.

The first set of lines we’ll be discussing are welding beads, the byproduct of joining two metal planes with the help of electricity and a little bit of filler rod. We’ve recently finished up welding the mysterious box that’s part of the mysterious turbo build. Now, there are some very long welds that require the steadiest of hands to complete; the longer the weld, the more you have to move yourself to follow the bead, which can create complications. However, we feel this set came out nicely, so as always we’ve got a couple examples of our aluminum welding to show off below.


With the mysterious box finished, it was time to refocus our attention on a different kind of lines — cooling lines! You see, even with a water tank and an air-to-water intercooler, there still needs to be a plumbing system that routes the coolant through these various areas. Using a splitter that we modified with a bracket for easy attachment, we’ll be able to run coolant lines to both the turbo itself and the intercooler. If you’re wondering how the flow pans out, it goes like this — first, the coolant will be pumped out of the water tank and into the front-mounted heat exchanger. From there, the freshly chilled liquid will run through the splitter, where it will land in either the turbo or the intercooler. It then returns to the water tank to start the cycle over again.


Finally, there’s one set of lines that everybody recognizes almost immediately — the land-yacht body lines of the Mercedes-Benz S Class. Recently, one of our customers came in for a fair bit of maintenance work on their 2000 S430 and wondered if we’d help them put their car up for sale. It’s in need of some rust repair on the exterior, but in terms of the interior, engine bay, underbody and performance, it’s a fantastic vehicle for a great price. It’s being offered for $5000, and would make a great base for a fixer-upper project. We’ve included some pictures below, but you can see the full for-sale ad that we compiled by clicking the link embedded in this sentence.


Have a great day, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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