Just The Tip(s)

Just The Tip(s)

You don’t know how long we’ve waited to use this title. Needless to say, it’s been a couple years.


Either way, the final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place on the S65 AMG exhausts. Once both midsections were finished, we had to create some hangers for the mufflers out back. So we did.


In order to get the desired style of tip to fit to this muffler, we first had to split off the muffler’s single exit into two different pipes. In order to do that, we need to assemble some Y-pipes. Well, what do you know, during the midsection build process, we happened to make all the Y-pipes we needed.


Since the tips are being staggered a certain amount, we tacked a plate to the top of the tips in order to hold them at the desired angle of stagger. Consistency is key; you don’t want tips that have inconsistent stagger.


And now begins the always-fun process of aligning everything to fit!


Not all tips are meant to fit in all diffuser setups. For that reason, much like we did on Nick’s M3, we had to fashion a workaround to fit the tips within the given space. It took some stepping-down and some cutting, but we managed to get everything to fit as it should.


Now it’s all down to placing the tips and doing the final welds after the muffler! We’re almost there!


Have a great weekend and a happy and safe Cinco de Mayo!

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  • mitch
    Posted at 18:50h, 11 May

    pretty please make a video of this?

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