Fluid MotorUnion: It sucks to roll hard

Fluid MotorUnion: It sucks to roll hard

So many people have been asking me why we all say, it sucks to roll hard? It’s fairly simple, our owner first said it a few years back when he bought his Mother coilovers for her Infiniti. Later in the week she was driving, hit something quite hard and sacrificed her exhaust for the sake of rolling hard!

Just a few images depicting events that took place requiring the phrase “sucks to roll hard”:

This happened up at EuroWerks in Minnesota.



A solid example of rolling hard on the trip back from FixxFest 2009. Front wheels were so cambered in to tuck under the fenders we went through a set of tires in under 5k miles. Blew out both fronts, had a tow up to the nearest shop with the proper size and while pulling off the tow truck I ripped off the front bumper. Completed the next 500 miles bumperless with the cracked bumper in the back seat!


The phrase is tossed around the shop daily used as an excuse for something as little as burning your food to wrecking a slammed car…… in the end it really does suck to roll hard.

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