E60 M5 Exhaust & E63 M6 Exhaust

E60 M5 Exhaust & E63 M6 Exhaust

Recently a customer brought us an E63 M6 for rod bearings and a full custom E60 M5 exhaust. We took care of the rod bearings and got our FMU performance S85 V10 headers built. This customer did not want any highway drone with this exhaust so instead of the typical 2, we added 4 Vibrant straight through style resonators. Along with an x-pipe, and carbon fiber exhaust tips. This exhaust is a 2.75″ diameter but can be made in up to 3″. While 3″ diameter is optimal for large displacement and turbocharged cars, we have found it has a tendency to create more drone than slightly smaller diameters. As always our exhausts are TIG welded, and back purged with inert gas, ensuring smooth flow and increased exhaust velocity.

Old Exhaust

The customer had a “muffler delete” on the car already, but due to the restrictions in the midsection and the flow grade pressed metal used in the piping, this modification resulted in a droning, thin, tinny sound. We knew he would need something with more flow.

Smooth Merge X-Pipe
e60 m5 exhaust

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