Destined For Doha

Destined For Doha

We recently shipped out on very nice set of wheels, but we really want to show them off a bit first.


Our Qatari counterpart came to us looking to source some high-quality wheels on the fly, for a VVIP of theirs (yes, it requires two V’s). Since they’d recently taken over their own manufacturing and we know them quite well, we decided to give a call to our good friends at ADV.1 Wheels. Since the car in question — a brand new 2012 Mercedes CLS63 AMG — is quite new, we knew we needed to be working with somebody who is always bring out the newest products for the newest models of car. These guys already have sets for Aventadors, 991 Porsches and the like, and they actually happened to have an extra set of their 20″ super lightweight forged wheels in a ten-spoke design, in CLS fitment and everything. So we hopped on it. In what seemed like a matter of hours, we had four boxes on our doorstep, filled with a set of ADV.10 SL’s.


Once the wheels arrived, we added in some valve stems and fresh TPMS sensors, then we added an important step in fitting wheels to your car — the tires. The tires in question are Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s, a tire we’ve seen on just about every high-end vehicle at one point or another. We knew the client would need a set of tires that could stand up to the numbers this car will be pushing out (as he’s looking at power upgrades as well), so with that in mind we went with the tried-and-true PS2.


After the tires were mounted, we went to task cleaning up the wheels and getting them as perfect as possible. That way, once they arrive in Doha, all that’s necessary will be bolting them to the car. No extra time spent cleaning or otherwise prepping this set. The VVIP was very firm on getting parts quickly and efficiently, and we believe we’ve done exactly that. So, that being said, enjoy a couple more pictures. And a big thanks goes out to everybody at ADV.1 for helping us get this set on the quick.


And we’ll end your weekly blog coverage on one quick note. Nick’s M3 got two new additions since the last post, and we’re excited to show you them next week, along with an unconventional FMU project and hopefully some M3 video!


Have a great weekend!

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