Chicago to Sakhir

Chicago to Sakhir

We begin a quick, colorful trip around the globe with today’s blog.

Those of you who follow us regularly may be familiar with the shop’s 335i. Being huge fans of all things Alpina; coupled with the fact that the B3 and D3 are not available for sale here in the states, we took matters into our hands. Now, don’t call it a replica. We prefer the word tribute (I know, that’s stupid but oh well). If you would like to learn more about this oddly modified little E90 check it out in our project section.



Now, we were quite pleased with ourselves when it came to the styling; aggressive, yet classy. When cruising around town or pulling up to the various shows we attend; however, it never really garnished the consideration that it deserved, especially considering all of the many random modifications it sports. Well, we were now bored with that and decided to give it a color that would maintain its classiness yet still demand attention. So we looked east.
Far east. No, wait, too far east, go back. Try more middle than east. Yup you got it, the Middle East. Home of some of the most extravagant urban settings. It is a place we are quite familiar with. This color looks like something from the beautiful, burning, reddish sunset over the desert of the Kingdom of Bahrain. BMW calls it Sakhir Orange, named after the plot of land that the Bahrain International Circuit calls home. This is also the location of some recently protested Formula One events. Let’s just say it was a good thing they didn’t pick a color from any other time of day; otherwise it might have been called Sakhir Greyish Tan.


With the color decided, we now had to decide how in-depth we wanted to go with the paint job. Now while we would love to strip the entire car inside – out, it just didn’t make monetary sense for us to do so. After all this is a shop car and just because we are doing it, doesn’t make it free. This car is regularly driven, so going overboard would just leave us heartbroken when the inevitable rock chips rear their ugly head. We decided removing the doors, trunk, hood, and bumpers would just have to suffice. Once everything was removed we began painstakingly prepping all of the panels that would be sprayed. With everything ready, we gave the jams a fresh coat of the reddish-orange hue.










That’s all you get, at least for today. I know, such a tease right? Well wait until the next blog post! We will feature pics of more progress, as well as some of the final product. Wait, you say? I follow you on facebook and have already seen the instagram pics you put up, it (sucks/rocks [depending on preference])!!! Well, let me tell you. Those instagram pictures don’t do it nearly enough justice. You’re going to (hate/love) it way more when you see the final shots. Until next time!

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