Brake Swap

Brake Swap

Coming from the bin titled “Overtly Accurate Blog Post Titles,” you guessed it, we’re swapping some brakes today!

Now, these brakes being swapped aren’t your garden-variety pads and rotors here. No, these are much better, much…bigger. As some of you may know, we’re in the midst of selling several FMU project cars to make way for next season’s slew of fabricated madness. Some of the cars we plan on selling in modified form; others we plan on selling as a stock car, with some of the modifications to be sold separately. Our E90 M3 falls into that latter category. We’re currently in the process of stripping it down to the essentials for private-party sale (if you’re interested, we’re selling it with just the H&R coilovers and Vorsteiner molded front lip). The other night, Stefan caught wind that we were selling off parts of the M3’s bounty, including the Rotora Big Brake Kit. After some conversation, he decided to upgrade the brakes on his dad’s M3, from stout to really freakin’ stout. Later in the day on Friday, he came through with the M3. It’s an E92, decked out with a carbon fiber front lip, Dinan exhaust, and a few other goodies you might notice.


As you can see here, there’s plenty of room behind those wheels for more than just the OEM calipers and cross-drilled rotors:


Thankfully, we cut down on time by having the Rotora BBK mostly removed from the E90 prior to the E92’s arrival. After some wrenching, some more wrenching, and even more wrenching after that, we replaced the OEM BMW brakes with some extra grabby goodness. Don’t they just have the coolest calipers on the planet? We like to think so:


And with that, Stefan and his dad will be ready to hit the track in even more style than before. Not only will the wheels be filled out with those larger brake calipers and rotors, but everybody that sees his car will know exactly where the M3 got all that swagger. In the meantime, we’re still reassembling the M3 in its stock glory. If you’re interested in either the M3 itself or any of the parts, give us an e-mail at or call the office at 815-230-2900!

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