Body, In Motion

Body, In Motion

Roger is holding his own with the ever-growing lineup of body work, so let’s take a look to see what he’s tackling currently.

First, we have a Lotus Elise in the shop for some touch-ups to its large rear panel. This Elise also made its way through the service section before landing in body for some minor jobs, but now it’s over in Roger’s house and we’re giving it the attention it needs. After the basics of cleaning up the affected areas, we prepped the panel for paint after rolling the Elise into the booth.


A few layers of tape and paper later, we had everything in place in the booth and the spraying began. It’s being cleaned up now that the paint and clearcoat have been put down, so we’ll have a final result for you soon.


The next job that rolled in was an Infiniti G-class sedan. We’re not too sure what smacked into the front lip of the G’s hood, but it was strong enough to cause a serious kink in the hood itself.


Thankfully, the bumper is an easy fix, as most of the damage was kept to the hood. The hood, however, is a lost cause; for that reason, we’ve got ourselves a shiny (dull, actually) new hood to prime and paint. This is taking place about the same time as the Lotus, so we’ll have more on this soon, as well. Roger’s a multitasking master.


Finally, we’ve got a quicker job to end on. A customer brought in his truck, looking for a tint of both the fog lights and front headlights, with a slightly darker tint on the turn signals than the lights themselves. An extra pass on the corner of the light produced the desired change of shade, and now they’re already drying outside and should be put back on the truck in short order. We tried to find a good place to take pictures of the lights, but all the outside shots came out with the tint too dark, and all the inside shots came out with the tint too light. It’s probably (entirely) the photographer’s fault, but since the outdoor shots came out in a better focus, we’ll run those.


And finally, we move to something a bit more custom. Our body and paint shop aren’t just for your standard insurance and non-insurance paint and body work, we also do custom body work, as well. Currently, the Project SL is the focus of that custom body work. With the rear quarter fender flares finished and primed, and with the rear bumper and side skirts almost finished, we turn our attention to the front end. We plan on attaching a Euro bumper, but that will require a bit of modification to not just the Euro bumper itself, but the body of the SL also. The Euro front also comes up a bit short when wrapping towards the front wheels, so we’ll have a couple extensions to fabricate as well. As you can tell, there’s plenty of work left to do on it, but we’re movin’ along, bit by bit.


Tomorrow’s Friday, and if you’re in the Chicagoland area, get ready for some seriously messy downtown traffic, as Lollapalooza begins tomorrow.

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