A 2014 BMW X5 gets a new set of Vossen Wheels!

A 2014 BMW X5 gets a new set of Vossen Wheels!

Curious to see what the 2014 BMW X5 looks like on some Vossen wheels? Look no further!



A newer customer of ours came to us with his brand new BMW X5 in hopes of ditching the very bland looking stock wheels. Jay already had his eyes on a set of Vossen wheels that you may have seen buzzing around the internet so after a few back and fourth e-mails he decided to pull the trigger.






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Much better than stock IMO. The gunmetal Vossen CV1 wheels have a very “OEM” look to them in that finish, especially when seen on a new X5!



If you have any questions regarding Vossen Wheels or have a pricing inquiry, please e-mail mmarzano@fluidmotorunion.com


Vossen Wheels


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